Business Cards Importance in the Hair Stylist Industry

Business Cards Importance in the Hair Stylist Industry

Having a business card is as important as it was many years ago in every type of business. Similarly, if you are a part of a hair stylist company, it would be more beneficial for you to keep a business card as it is much faster and convenient to hand over to others during networking on events like, product launches, fashion shows etc.

Living in a fast paced digital world, everyone has mobiles, tablets and other digital devices, but nothing has ever replaced a business card. This valuable tool plays a vital part for a hair stylist in expanding his/her beauty career and building clientele. The bigger your clientele list is, the more cash is in your pocket.

As your hair stylist company business card represents you when you connect with someone; it should be very attractive and eye catchy. Also, it should have all your important information like your hair salon’s name, official contact number, email id, and website link. Though, we all know everything will be digital one day, but for now it is necessary for a hairdresser to have a business card.

If you need to start your own hair stylist company or you already have one and you start to grow so you first need to see and learn from the existing examples of top hairstylist companies and how they have succeeded in their career with the help of using business cards. For every artist in the hair salon needs to have a business card, this is how he/she makes his position and worth in the market.  The existing examples well known hair stylist companies having business cards are:

  • Fringe Hair Design:

 Fringe Hair Design, is the top hair salon in Alaska, United States. They are well-known for their best esthetics, hair and beauty services. They have their designated artists for eye lashes, hair and esthetics. They all have made their place in the market by networking and showing their work in which business cards play an important role.
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  • Dollyrockers:

 Dollyrockers in phoenix is best known for its hair treatment in the town. Also, they provide treatments for hair loss, skin care and back pain.
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  • Metropolis Salon:

 Metropolis salon is situated in Arkansas, US and is popular for grooming and hair styling.

Having a team of fully skilled artists, they provide quality service. Metropolis Salon is in the top 100 of Elle’s Magazine for its hairstyles.
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  • Bryon and Tracey:

Bryon and Tracey is very famous among the celebrities and is located in Beverly Hills, California. Hair highlighting, hair coloring, brewing are their specialty. Their top work includes, Emma Watson’s hair color change from red to blond for The Amazing Spider Man, which was admired by people all over social media. Similarly, the hair styles were done for Laura Dern for HBO’s Enlightened, Charlize Theron for an ad and some other popular celebrities as well.
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  • Clementine’s Salon:

Clementine’s salon in Denver, Colorado, offers a friendly and warm environment to all of its customers for all types of hair styling, hair coloring, hair treatment and skin care.
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These were the few examples of top hair salons in US who have gained success not only by their effective marketing strategies but also, their strong presence in the industry. The more you exchange business cards with your clients, the more strong your social circle becomes and the more people start knowing you for your work. For launching new products like unique scissors, hair blow dryers, combs, and hair masks, your client database have to be stronger.

Many of the salons also offer coupons in the form of mini vouchers, promo codes, packages, to gain maximum audience.

Your business card is your brand’s first impression and your first impression needs to be worthy. To make your impression more memorable, represent yourself with a unique and creative business card. You can enhance you designs by using the following finishes that can help you have an impact while networking:

  • Spot UV Finish:

Spot UV or Varnish is the type mostly used for business cards as it gives a very shiny look, enhancing the colors of the card. The glossy look gives a smooth look to your card making it more attractive. Many hair stylist companies use this option as they have mostly colorful business cards.

  • Die Cutting Finish:

Cut die finish is a very noticeable one, as cutting in to various shapes gives your card an attractive look.

  • Emboss finish:

Emboss finishing gives your card a very eye catchy look as it has an embedded texture on the business card. The hair stylists can make their cards appealing and classy by giving this emboss finishing.

  • Silk Coated Business Card:

Silk laminated business cards are quite expensive but gives your business a very sophisticated look. Hair Salons making good revenue, can invest in making silk coated business cards with a matte finish for their artists.

  • Foil Finish:

This technique plays with vibrant and metallic colors and gives some stunning results. The foil designs are stamped on to the card giving it an exciting look. The mostly used and popular color among people using this type of finishing, is metallic gold.


A unique business card benefits in building up your great first impression on others and for a hair stylist, it helps expand your brand. Also, it inspires you to have an additional bit of confidence and enthusiasm in your customer’s mind. The more creative your business card is, the more you stand out among your competitors. The most important thing is, having a business card gives an impression that you are fully prepared and you already know about every bit of your brand which clearly helps in getting an attention your client. No hair stylist business or beauty salon is complete without a business card.









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