Hachi Shears
Platinum Collection

The Hachi Shears Platinum Collection scissors are made from Japanese Forged 440 cobalt steel. Cobalt steel shears maintain the sharp edge for a longer period of time. Every Hachi Shear that is sold on hachishears.com has lifetime warranty and free sharpening for the first year.

The Japanese forged blade material with a double bearing bolt system gives you a smooth and excellent feeling when cutting.

For years, we searched for the best shear mechanics and finally found the double ball bearing tension system.

Japanese 440 Cobalt Forged Steel

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Convex Edge

Double Ball Bearing System

Japanese 440 Cobalt Forged Steel

Forging is when the metal is formed by striking it with a hammer, the steel must to be higher density. The forging production from the blades to the handle is a very complicated process and this technology is applied only to some high quality shears.

Variety to Choose From
Our Hachi Platinum Collection has over 10 different styles to choose from, ranging from dry-cutting shears to slide and point cutting shears. If you need assistance, feel free to click the live chat or contact us. Shop through our Platinum Collection now!